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Have you been wondering where to start studying for your Level 2 Exams? Not sure what to do about all those books? Worry no more. Your gameplan is right here! Be fully prepared to learn the material on the CMT Exams in an efficient, productive manner. Our Level 2 testers have rigorously poured through the reading material and devised a progressive reading plan in an easy-to-follow format. Market Tech Lab's level 2 reading plan consists of the following:

“5 Macro Blocks that build confidence and knowledge”

“Categorical sub-sections with pages-to-read breakdown”

“Learning Outcome Statements to laser-focus your brain”

This is a unique opportunity for CMT Candidates to have access to a powerful study plan never before offered or seen anywhere. Market Tech Lab’s Level 2 Reading Plan has been rigorously designed to provide you with the best fit for material comprehension and review. We take you through each chapter of each book in a manageable way that is easy to follow. Reviewing is made simpler by the addition of Learning Outcome Statements. Remember, at Market Tech Lab,… we want you to learn the essential elements of Technical Analysis in the most efficient method possible. Our Level 2 reading plan will supercharge your self-study program and put the exam content in a framework that you can work with, manage, and easily review.

Level 2 Reading Plan Details

  • Fortify Your Knowledge - Prepare for the hardest level of the CMT Exams.

  • Key Concepts Covered - The plan is designed to improve cognition of critical concepts.

  • Learning Outcome Statements - Learning Outcome Statements to focus your effort and memorization.

  • Pages Referenced - Cover all pages of most difficult topics

  • Designed for Easy Learning - Easy to learn in block format

  • Get Instant Access - Purchase and begin studying immediately, on your time.

  • Mobile Accessible - Access the exams from your iPad to study anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Receive Automatic Updates - New additions and improved study content will ensure you receive the most up-to-date prep materials.

You will find that you can easily afford to invest in yourself when you think of the long-term implications of being a CMT. You will commit to not only passing your CMT Exam, but to fostering an solid and sound knowledge-base that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. The best CMT’s will receive the most recognition based on their analysis and recommendations over the course of their careers.

Many well-known CMT’s appear on TV in front of thousands of viewers giving their opinions on the markets, while others establish themselves as market writers and analysts. Whatever your goal is, Market Tech Lab is absolutely committed to helping you get there. Our answer guides are highly valued by candidates because not only do they explain, but also they elaborate and discuss many aspects of the question topic not just the right answers. All relevant information related to investment or trading decisions, probabilities, and author-suggested tips are highlighted and explained in our answer guides.

We know it is in these valuable pieces of information where you can make your study materials pay for themselves over time. You will have a strong working knowledge that will stick with you for practical application for life.

Here are some of the responses to our CMT Level 2 material from candidates:


"Hi, thank you for the excellent well-rounded test you have prepared."-- Markus S. (Zarich, Switzerland)

"Thanks for the wonderful Level 2 material produced by you guys, I have cleared Level 2, looking forward for Level 3 Material." -- Goutham C. (India)

"Thanks again for your help. I have started to use your materials and it is very helpful. So thank you!!" -- David S. (Glasgow, Great Britain)

"I purchased the $199 package the other day and am impressed..." -- Gil O. (Turlock, California)

A Successful Foundation

When you choose to study with Market Tech Lab, you join an elite group of Technicians who are serious about pursuing Technical Analysis not just to get a passing grade, but to build a foundation of financial knowledge that will last over the course of an entire career. At Market Tech Lab, we are dedicated to building and developing the whole candidate in the best way possible. Of course, our products can be successfully used to pass the CMT Exams. However, we have spent considerable effort to highlight and instill important concepts from the texts that are critical to trading and proper investment principles for practical application. We aim for all of our clients to pass with "flying colors" so that they may achieve their goals and attain success in the CMT Exams and beyond.

Customer Service Guarantee

Market Tech Lab strives without interruption to provide the highest-class customer service to all of our associates and potential clients. We back our Study Services and Solutions with a guarantee that you can count on. We are committed to responding to all inquiries within 24 hours from time of reception. Because the CMT exams reflect an international audience, we do not believe we should constrain all of our clients to one set of standard business hours. Let us know what region of the world you live in, and what time is good for you and we will reach out to you. Our guarantee to respond to you within 24 hours is good any time. There is no excuse for poor service. We know that proper client service is the most important aspect of doing business under any circumstance, especially one in which involves the furthering your education and career. We put as much effort into supporting the Candidates who use our products as we do in creating our products themselves, and that’s saying a lot we guarantee it!

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Level 2 Reading Plan
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