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Now you can be fully prepared when you sit down at your terminal on exam day. Access one of our CMT Level 1 Practice Exams to provide you with MAXIMAL CONFIDENCE on your actual exam. There is no such thing as being over-prepared. When you use this practice exam to prepare, you will:

“Feel and practice what it will be like to take a full exam”

“Become comfortable recalling studied information in a question and answer format”

“Be confident that you know what it takes to get the job done”

This is a unique opportunity for CMT Candidates to have access to powerful study preparation material never before offered or seen anywhere. Market Tech Lab’s Practice Exam is more than a simple series of questions. We take you through each question and explain the answers in a way that is easy to understand and provide you with page references for further comprehension. We've summarized key concepts as part of our answer guide so that you will not make the same mistake twice… we only want you to learn the most important material in the fastest way possible. The question-and-answer, memory-recall format of our practice exam will help you to do that, and more!

Level 1 Practice Exam Details

  • Key Concepts Tested - The exam is designed to improve cognition of critical concepts.

  • Familiarity - Multiple-choice format prepares you for your exam on your testing date.

  • Mock Exam - Identical number of questions as the real exam to prepare in real-time.

  • Improve Your Rank - Increase your chances for ranking in the highest decile of test-takers.

  • Answer Explanations - Learn from each answer explained in easy-to-understand detail.

  • Room for Improvement - Identify “trouble areas” and bolster knowledge through key text summaries.

  • Designed for Maximum Ease - Easy to practice. Easy to understand. Easy to LEARN. Period.

  • Get Instant Access - Purchase and begin studying immediately, on YOUR time.

  • Mobile Accessible - Access the exams from your iPad to study anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Receive Automatic Updates - New additions and improved study content will ensure you receive the most up-to-date prep materials.

You will find that you can easily afford to invest in yourself when you think of the long-term implications of being a CMT. You will commit to not only passing your CMT Exam, but to fostering an solid and sound knowledge-base that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. The best CMT’s will receive the most recognition based on their analysis and recommendations over the course of their careers.

Many well-known CMT’s appear on TV in front of thousands of viewers giving their opinions on the markets, while others establish themselves as market writers and analysts. Whatever your goal is, Market Tech Lab is absolutely committed to helping you get there. Our answer guides are highly valued by candidates because not only do they explain, but also they elaborate and discuss many aspects of the question topic not just the right answers. All relevant information related to investment or trading decisions, probabilities, and author-suggested tips are highlighted and explained in our answer guides.

We know it is in these valuable pieces of information where you can make your study materials pay for themselves over time. You will have a strong working knowledge that will stick with you for practical applicationfor life.

Here are some of the responses to our practice exam from CMT Level 1 Candidates like yourself:


"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I have received the exam and found it impressive as the way it is presented" -- Christopher C. (Chicago, IL)

"The sample paper was very helpful as I did not have any assistance preparing for my CMT Level 1. This exam guided me in the method to follow, ways to prepare and the subject and the depth of knowledge required. Hope to see further assistance in the Level 2 also. Thanks."-- Goutham C. (India)

"Thanks for the prep test, it was good. I cleared my level 1. Hope you guys are working towards level 2 prep test. Thanks a ton." -- Kaval H.

"PASSED level 1 - your exam was right on point and a good proxy for real test - thx! I'll order from you for Level 2 next year." -- Dan J. (Bloomington, Indiana)

"I have just enrolled for the [upcoming] CMT Level 2 exam. I loved your materials for level 1 and thanks to you guys I passed with flying colors!" -- Teddy L. (United States)

A Successful Foundation

When you choose to study with Market Tech Lab, you join an elite group of Technicians who are serious about pursuing Technical Analysis not just to get a passing grade, but to build a foundation of financial knowledge that will last over the course of an entire career. At Market Tech Lab, we are dedicated to building and developing the whole candidate in the best way possible. Of course, our products can be successfully used to pass the CMT Exams. However, we have spent considerable effort to highlight and instill important concepts from the texts that are critical to trading and proper investment principles for practical application. We aim for all of our clients to pass with "flying colors" so that they may achieve their goals and attain success in the CMT Exams and beyond.

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