Market Tech Lab

Higher Score Guarantee

Market Tech Lab will guarantee that anyone using our paid study preparation products, in full or in part, will receive a higher score than any previous exam of the same level, or their money back. In order to qualify, candidates must have previously taken the SAME level of the exam. For example, a candidate who scores in the 15% decile on their Level 1 exam is eligible for the higher score guarantee on their next Level 1 exam. The candidate must purchase one or more of Market Tech Lab’s study products and must submit proof of their scores for both exams to be eligible. We apologize that first-time test takers of any level are not eligible. If, however, the candidate fails to score higher than their initial exam (Equal or less than the initial 15% decile in this example), they will receive a full refund AND will be given free access to all study preparation material for their respective level until they pass their respective exam, if they chose to do so. This is our way of helping those who deserve it the most, and fostering a strong relationship between candidates and Market Tech Lab.

For more information or to register for the Higher Score Guarantee, please contact Customer Service