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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I pay for a study product?
Market Tech Lab uses PayPal as its designated payment processor. PayPal is one of the world's largest credit and debit card processing companies and is a subsidiary of Ebay, Inc. PayPal will be able to accept most major credit cards, and you do not need to be a PayPal member to pay. Simply enter your credit card information and PayPal will securely handle the rest.

Q: How long will it take to receive my exam once purchased?
You will have instant access to your study products as soon you purchase them. Sign up and begin studying right away, at your convenience.

Q: How can I access my purchased study content?
You can view all of your purchased content through our members area, here: Members Area

Q: What are Market Tech Lab's Level 1 and 2 CMT Practice Exams like?

MTL's Level 1 Practice Exam is identical to the practice quiz, only 132 all original questions not found anywhere else. These questions are new and different from the mini practice quiz, but the format is the same. A purchased test includes questions representative of the exam, answer key, and answer guide that explain and reference key concepts. The test is a well-rounded examination of candidates' knowledge of level 1 material, principles, and definitions that should be an excellent tool in sharpening one's test-taking and critical thinking ability. In addition every Level 1 Exam comes with the Market Tech Lab Official CMT Level 1 Handbook.

Q: How much time should I take on MTL's Practice Exams?
The actual CMT exam will test your knowledge of level 1 material in 120 minutes, and therefore this is the amount you should aim to complete Market Tech Lab's Official Level 1 Practice Exam. The level 2 exam permits candidates 4 hours of test time, and you should complete Market Tech Lab's Official Level 2 Practice Exam in this time. The true/false bonus questions included in the level 2 are not representative of the exam and therefore no timeframe is given. Rather these should be used for review and remembering concepts in a non-exam setting.

Q: How difficult are the intro and full practice exams?
The practice exams offer questions that cover a variety of material from the readings. We take pride in making sure our exams are comprehensive of the readings and are meant to challenge candidates. Does the student know general and selected material covered in the exam body? The exams are meant to test a candidate's knowledge, get them familiar with answering questions in a testing format, and to be used as guides for further study with their unique explanations and references.

Q: Are the questions from MTL's exams like the ones found on the MTA CMT test?
The questions found on the practice quiz and practice exam are similar because the content is similar. MTL's practice exams test topics and concepts that are representative of the material covered in the textbooks, and therefore of the same areas that the CMT exam tests.

Q: Can I purchase your study products in hardcopy form?
Market Tech Lab does offer hardcopy versions of our products available upon request with an additional materials and handling surcharge. Please email to request hardcopies.