Re-Introducing Market Tech Lab’s Level 1 Practice Quiz

Thank you to all of our followers for being patient as we roll out our practice quiz and later, our full-length Level 1 practice exams. We are excited to announce the completion of our first practice quiz using our new test-taking system. The system has been many years in the making and we cannot be more excited to present it to you now. The new test-taking system has several advantages over the old .PDF tests, including:


  • Timed tests: now your tests will be timed just like the real exam


  • Fully computerized: you will now be able to take your practice exams from your computer or tablet, just like the actual exam


  • Instant grading and references: your exams will be graded immediately following your completion, and you will have a chance to view your incorrect answers and feedback with references to actual sources


  • Emailed results: your results can now be emailed to you and will break down your score by category, so you will know specifically where to focus your attention as you continue to study.


  • Mark and return: you will be able to mark questions and return to them later in the test, to provide our clients with the “real feel” of a CMT exam on exam day


  • Randomized questions: questions will be randomized so it will never feel like you are taking the same test twice


  • Extensive question bank: our exams and category quizzes will draw off of our extensive question bank so you will be covered across all categories and angles of question types


We hope you like the changes. Without further ado, please follow the link below to take the completely redesigned Level 1 Practice Quiz, and watch for more study products to hit the market soon.

Take the Level 1 Practice Quiz

Take the Level 1 Practice Quiz


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