Prepping for the Upcoming 2016 Exams

Greetings candidates,


It is at this time that your studying should be in full swing! If you have not read all of the material, please increase the pace of your studies. If you would like a crash course to test your knowledge, please examine our practice exams for the Level 1 and Level 2 multiple-choice exams. These exams can be found here:


Level 1

Level 2


We have just reduced the price of our exams! You can now get a computer-based mock exam for less than $100 US Dollars. Good luck!

Re-Introducing Market Tech Lab’s Level 1 Practice Quiz

Thank you to all of our followers for being patient as we roll out our practice quiz and later, our full-length Level 1 practice exams. We are excited to announce the completion of our first practice quiz using our new test-taking system. The system has been many years in the making and we cannot be more excited to present it to you now. The new test-taking system has several advantages over the old .PDF tests, including:


  • Timed tests: now your tests will be timed just like the real exam


  • Fully computerized: you will now be able to take your practice exams from your computer or tablet, just like the actual exam


  • Instant grading and references: your exams will be graded immediately following your completion, and you will have a chance to view your incorrect answers and feedback with references to actual sources


  • Emailed results: your results can now be emailed to you and will break down your score by category, so you will know specifically where to focus your attention as you continue to study.


  • Mark and return: you will be able to mark questions and return to them later in the test, to provide our clients with the “real feel” of a CMT exam on exam day


  • Randomized questions: questions will be randomized so it will never feel like you are taking the same test twice


  • Extensive question bank: our exams and category quizzes will draw off of our extensive question bank so you will be covered across all categories and angles of question types


We hope you like the changes. Without further ado, please follow the link below to take the completely redesigned Level 1 Practice Quiz, and watch for more study products to hit the market soon.

Take the Level 1 Practice Quiz

Take the Level 1 Practice Quiz


A Successful Technician

In order to be a truly successful (Market) Technician, you must truly STAND OUT. You must stand out not only for your CALLS on your stocks, but also your method of analysis and guidance. The only way to stand out is to practice Technical Analysis in a manner that is different, unique, and more insightful than basic Technical analysis (as defined by academics, market participants, and the MTA). This type of standard analysis can be performed by most who study the subject from an amateur’s point of view, and therefore is worth little value, if any at all. Since Technical Analysis is inherently subjective, and methods of analysis are typically faster and “easier” in the public’s minds than Financial Analysis/Modeling, for example, there is not only less demand, but actually fewer insights produced since the cost of producing the analysis is much lower than the cost of producing financial models (due primarily to the requirement of increased experience, education, training, and obedience of established financial rules.




It is only logical that someone whose duty it is to produce accurate and complex financial models should be paid higher wages than one who must merely look upon price charts, even though in reality it is much more complicated that this (some percentage will always be non-believers). If the cost is lower, the value of analysis must also, as a sin qua non, be lower as well. Not only are the costs and value of Technical Analysis less than financial analysis costs and value, but the results are not immediate, possibly not available, and sometimes not even quantifiable. This is diametrically opposed to the process of financial analysis, which can not only be immediate upon completion, but can be tweaked or modified based on conditions and scenarios.


This type of financial analysis also lends itself to “perfect” quantification in terms of hard-and-fast numbers: profits, margins, costs, etc. whereas Technical Analysis does not deal with these types of projections with the exception of price. Financial analysis is the “here and now” and the “hard reality” of the investment world, while Technical Analysis is the “here and tomorrow, next week, and next month,” as well as the “imaginary future.” Why is it that financial projections would be the “hard reality,” while technical projections are the “imaginary future”? It is perhaps because while financial projections are modeled on the current numbers and extends them forward, technical projections are based solely on supply and demand (price), at the present moment. It would appear as though using price to project price, rather than financials to project price, is a more impossible feat and a fantastical concept. Yet it is indeed possible to gauge not only the supply and demand of a stock at any given moment, but also to project that calculation forward and assume likely future price (aka supply/demand). Yet for all their differences, both are not exclusive of one another, and many successful investors practice a hybrid of both Technical and Fundamental Analysis.



On Commitment

If you have signed up for the CMT program through the MTA, you are likely committed to the CMT exams. You are committed both intellectually and financially to taking your respective level of the exams and becoming a CMT charter holder. This is about the time your mind may also decide it is time to get serious about your exam, and the time when you will naturally feel the pressure to study begin studying or study more and with greater intensity than you have previously. Those who study and work with the same intensity year-round, know what they can achieve and the lasting merits of their actions. It will certainly not be easy, but we hope that it will be worth it and we also hope you can have some fun with it while you learn.


It is at this time that you may also begin to realize that your commitment to becoming a CMT extends beyond a few examinations. You will realize that everything you learn becomes a potential resource for analyzing the markets on behalf of yourself, your employer, clients, friends and/or family – while some of you may already be doing so. It should bring you satisfaction knowing that your efforts can be judiciously applied to the real world in a live market environment. It is therefore imperative that you commit the material to memory for the exams as well as for future reference and application.




Similar to the commitment our candidates have shown to their studies and to the field of Technical Analysis, Market Tech Lab is also committed in the same way to bettering the lives of CMT candidates and helping them pass their exams. Our company was founded with the simple intention to guide, assist, and provide for CMT candidates and existing CMT charter holders. This is the reason the company exists. It has been a challenging and yet rewarding journey to date, and this winter, our company celebrates five years of serving candidates. We thank you and we are honored to have the opportunity to continue serving you. We are excited about the opportunities for future development and growth as we continue to improve our methods of CMT test preparation, and we hope to assist you even more in the near future.


With that being said, Market Tech Lab will support our candidates throughout their journey. We’ve been there and we know it isn’t easy, but it can easily be done. We are proud of our study products and we are, as previously mentioned, honored to provide candidates with increased efficiency and literacy in their preparation. Market Tech Lab is committed to becoming the market leader in CMT test preparation, and technical analysis products and services for existing charter-holders, and to continue providing high quality test preparation material in order to enable candidates to achieve the success they desire and deserve.


We thank you for your continued patience as we roll out our new study products to keep pace with the evolving body of knowledge distributed by the MTA. We also ask for your patience and support as we continue to develop our improved web presence. We appreciate your feedback as we learn and grow with you. If there is something you would like to purchase but do not see it on our website, please contact us about it and let us know – we seek customer feedback and suggestions. At Market Tech Lab, our goal is to embody the education of a Market Technician and facilitate the learning process in the most efficient matter so that you may be as successful as you desire. We are committed to CMT candidates and to continual improvement, and we hope that you choose to make us a part of your journey to become a Technical Analyst.





The Market Tech Lab Team

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Dawn of a New Era

Dear candidates, charter-holders, and prospective students,


I’d like to welcome you to a new era of professional Technical Analysis and the birth of Technical Analysis as a legitimate academic study that will be taught in universities, graduate MBA programs, and even magnet and boarding schools for the gifted. Due to the increased market volatility of late, there has hardly been a more profitable time to be a Market Technician and never a better time to begin learning Technical Analysis ahead of the likely probability of many years of market volatility due in part to the Golden Age of Federal Reserve and Central Bank economic power struggles and currency warfare.


Though the momentum behind the hobby that started out as Technical Analysis nearly 50 years ago in New York City was only a tiny spark, it has since that ignited and continues as a roaring fire today. From that first spark began by Ralph Acampora, John Brooks, and John Greeley (household names every serious CMT candidate and holder should memorize), Technical Analysis continues to “forge on” in the form of the MTA’s Chartered Market Technician program, a study that has been lighting the path of the unenlightened and bestowing the best of her candidates with the title of “Chartered Market Technician” for over 25 years. Now, for the first time ever, the CMT Programme has been cultivated and refined in such a way that all of its vast knowledge has been compiled into a single “Bible” for each level of the Chartered Market Technicians examination series, pictured below:


MTA's new companion series study encyclopedias - one for each level

MTA’s new companion series study encyclopedias – one for each level


These companion series books, developed by John Wiley & Sons, are the path to a successful academic study and establishment of the topic of Technical Analysis, and a vast improvement – from the candidates’ perspective – on the study in preparation for each level of the CMT exams. It had been suggested that the previous model of study, which, incorporating readings from numerous sources be improved upon, and the release of these study aides are the fruition of such improvement. Now, a candidate need only carry one book, whereas before he or she would carry 6, 7, or even 8 on his/her person. Before, a candidate would order numerous books costing significant investment, whereas now, he or she need only to order one at a significant personal savings. Before, a candidate may have had to resort to multiple “sources of truth,” whereas now, there is only one “single source of the truth,” and therein lies the candidate’s power.


It is no secret that the release of the MTA’s CMT Companion Series study books are an improvement both for the CMT Program as well as for the lives of candidates and anyone else who may be studying Technical Analysis. Surely, the release of such knowledge will lead to a better understanding of financial markets and the added confidence that comes from such knowledge when navigating the turbulent waters of investments and money management. In the tension of the drawing room analysis and decision-making, there is hardly a substitute for competence, and we believe these books will increase competence and aptitude among users, so surely they ought to be celebrated.


It is our sincerest hope and wish that the study of Technical Analysis, along with the potential benefit to its students and users, such as wiser and well-timed investments, be spread to all around the world in its new and improved form. We are grateful to the Market Technician’s Association, to Ralph Acampora, John Brooks, and John Greeley, and everyone else who has continued to carry the responsibility of the knowledge of Technical Analysis as curators and progenitors for the benefit of all. Since my discovery of Technical Analysis and the path it has lead me on, ignorance of some vital truth that would otherwise remain unknown to me has always been my greatest motivator for learning. Through this truth-seeking instinct I have struggled to live a life characterized by non-ignorance of the essential, because not knowing what we don’t know can be limiting, if not crippling. For this reason, ask yourself if it isn’t it time to learn that which you don’t know you don’t know?


Thank you for being a part of our journey,





Michael Broudy

Founder, Market Tech Lab